Flow Measurement Technologies, Inc.

Model NL

Designed for both new and retrofit applications, the Model NL installs easily from outside the duct. Capable of using up to 32 sensors on 4 struts, the Model NL can be tailored to meet any application.

Model NL-OA

Built on the solid foundation of our Model NL, The Model NLOA has the added enhancement of low temperature range operation. Perfect for any outdoor air measuring applications.

Model LP

The Model LP flow stations are the most economical dual  thermal flow sensors available. Capable of using up to 2 sensors on 1 struts, the Model LP can be tailored to meet any application..

Model CI

Good locations to install airflow measuring stations can be hard to find. Designed to be installed inside an air handling unit or large plenum, the Model CI offers an economical alternative to straightening vanes or multiple flow stations.

Frames & Air Straightening Vanes

Our air flow stations can be supplied with metal frames to simplify insulation of units. Air straightening Vanes can also be  installed  within the frame, packaged as one complete unit

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